Security camera Installation

Keeping your home and your business safe has become a top priority for many as break-ins are on the rise. Properly installing an effective security system, including cameras, will help to monitor and deter any suspicious activity. At Hodgson Electrical we can install security cameras in your home or business. We can supply security cameras or our knowledgeable team can install cameras you may have purchased yourself. Whether you are wanting to set up cameras at your front door or even in your living room, today’s market offers many great indoor and outdoor camera options.

Depending on the layout of your existing electrical we can add outlets to power your cameras. To ensure your cameras run efficiently and clearly, our team can add Wifi extenders to access stronger signals for wireless cameras.

And if you are looking for a techier option for your security system we can set up cameras that are connected to your mobile devices and you can control through apps.

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